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Dataroll Builder

By simply drag-and-drop, you can create dashboard according to different roles and your business process.

Dataroll BI

Check your business KPIs in real time and get your business under control.

Dataroll Mobile App

Get real time business updates in real time on your phone. Unleash the full power of your data.

Integration with 3rd party services:


Dataroll.io has seamless connection with the POS provider - Poster.
If you are a Poster client, click the button down below and start to use Dataroll service right away.



Dataroll.io has seamless connection with the Accounting system - Ultra.
If you are a Ultra client, click the button down below and start to use Dataroll service right away.



Cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app.
Dataroll Assistant has answers about your business KPIs.

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Unleash the value of restaurant data

Effective sales and inventory management
No matter you are a business owner or manager of a franchise outlet, get critical KPIs and reports of sales and inventory according to your role and business process in real time. It helps you to allocate your sales force effectively andkeep food waste to a minimum by better forecasting product usage and adjusting purchasing and inventory accordingly.
Advanced menu optimization
Track the performance of each item on the menu according to the time of day and day of a week. Ge a clear view of the profit and cost of each item. Experiment new dish with real time feedback. You can easily make decision to expand or narrow down your menu. Don’t miss any add-on opportunities.
Interactive marketing and promo management
Launch a marketing event or a promo and track the effect in real time on Dataroll. Interactive promo analytics keep you on the radar of market frontline, help you spot the problem as quick as possible and make right decisions in changeable business environment.
Improve servers performance and capacity
Reporting of servers performance with multi dimensions gives you a clear view of your servers capacity. Forecasting demand and customer flow not only by day of a week, but by hours of a day with Dataroll tools helps restaurant to optimize servers’s working ability and allocate human resource at the right time to the right places.
Improve customer satisfaction
Deliver the right info. and sever your customers more than they expect will give you a high returning rate of your customer. Dataroll helps restaurant to improve the efficiency of working and discover the hidden need of customers to increase yield, profitability and better customer engagement.

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